Summer Camp Schedule 2016

Age: Small group - 3 to 5 | Medium group - 6 to 10 | Big group - 11 to 14
Duration 8 days 15 days
Starting Date 10th Apr., 17th Apr., 24th Apr.

17th Apr.

  1st, 8th May
15th,22nd May
29th May
1st, 8th & 22nd May
Places Paud Road, Karvenagar, Dhayri, Narhe, Gokulnagar, Bhilarewadi, Bibvewadi, Warje Bhilarewadi, Warje
Fees 1000/- 2000/-
Bus (if needed) 200/- 400/-
Student's Full Name:
Contact No:
  • Freak Out with Fun Games
  • Dancing and Singing Shows
  • Stage Plays and Dramatics
  • Science Toys and Experiments
  • Puzzles to rack your Brains!!
    and much more...

Enhance Yourself

Who are we to teach those born with talents, All we do it is help recognize the hidden abilities. Sanskar varg summer vacation camp is known for their activities which stimulate the child to self groom in form of positive manipulation. It is very important for parents and educators to ascertain and highlight the habit of personal grooming or self enhancement in young children. In our summer camp we help the child enhance their personality mentally and physically. Mentally by helping them develop confidence and strength in their behavior and physically by educating them about their personal care, health and hygiene.

Age Group
Middle group
Big group
4 to 6
7 to 12
8:00 to 12:00
8:00 to 12:00
Enhance Hidden Skills

Unleash the hidden talent of your young one!
Summer camps have a very positive influence on the children given below are vital reasons why every child must seek admission in our summer vacation camp:
  • The child spends the day involved in mental and physical activities, healthy for them.
  • Help children overcome their inhibitions and look forward to positive outlook in life.
  • To keep children away from becoming slaves of our modern day gadgets.
  • Help children become self-regulating, induce leadership skills, help creative enhancement through art and craft.
  • Motivate children to open up and interact helping them to make new friends, thus helps in making the child more secure and confident.
" Kid Speak "
I loved watching ‘Chota Bheem’, Doraemon’, ‘Tom and Jerry’ for hours together.
My parents put me in ‘Sanskar Varg’ class …… I really enjoyed arts, crafts, making clay articles, playing in sandpits. I wish I could go there every day, spend time with my new friends there and have a great time outdoors than indoors. Thanks to ‘Sanskar varg’.
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